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In Home Elderly Care Advice for Improving Mobility

Sep 1, 2016 by Comfort Keepers

Decreased mobility makes daily activities such as bathing, cleaning, shopping, and walking more challenging. When elderly adults start to experience complications with their mobility, they often become frustrated because mobility loss hinders their independence. Fortunately, there are several tips and tricks that an in home elderly care provider can share with your senior loved one to improve his or her mobility.

Regular Exercise

Mobility and exercise go hand in hand. Senior citizens should make it a priority to participate in a variety of physical activities on a daily basis. Whether it’s a yoga class at a local gym, swimming in an indoor pool, or taking a stroll around the neighborhood, physical activity can help your senior build strength and increase his or her flexibility. When an elder is stronger, he or she is more likely to move his or her limbs with a full range of motion and limited restrictions.

A Good Night’s Sleep

In order for aging adults to feel refreshed and energized every day, they must get a good night’s sleep. When elders fail to sleep well, they will be too tired to pay attention to their surroundings and are more susceptible to falls and accidents as a result. An in home elderly care aide can help your senior loved one create a comfortable sleeping environment by eliminating distractions and replacing a mattress or pillow that may hinder his or her rest.

Healthy Eating

In addition to getting a good night’s sleep, senior citizens should eliminate sugary foods from their diet. In home elderly care professionals suggest fresh fruit or protein rich foods when older adults get a craving for a sweet treat. Eating healthier will boost an elder’s energy levels while increasing mobility.

By following these helpful hints, aging adults will improve their mobility and overall quality of life. If your senior does struggle with mobility, an in home elderly care provider is also a great resource.

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