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Senior Home Care Tips: Benefits of Reading for Elders

Aug 12, 2016 by Comfort Keepers

With the increasing amount of time spent watching television and staring at a computer screen or mobile device, pastimes such as reading are often forgotten. Reading is a wonderful pastime that can provide aging adults with a wide variety of benefits. Senior home care aides make it a priority to encourage elders to get lost in a good book so that they can reap the following benefits:

Less Stress

When a senior citizen engages in a good story, stress from his or her life is likely to fade away. Reading is a great distraction from the present and will give elders the opportunity to truly relax and picture life in another destination and time period.


Mental Stimulation

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are common among the elderly population. In order to slow the progression of these conditions or even prevent them, senior home care providers recommend reading. Regular reading will keep an elder mentally stimulated so that it can operate at its optimal capacity.


Improved Memory

When a senior reads a book, he or she is forced to remember the history that is often times provided, information about the characters, the scenery and surroundings of the characters, various plots, and more. This helps to boost an elder’s cognitive skills and reduce the risk of memory loss in the future.


Knowledge Expansion

Every single book that exists can teach a senior something new or give them a new perspective on life. By reading consistently, older adults can educate themselves on a plethora of topics and become smarter as a result. In addition, reading can expand their vocabulary, making them well-spoken and more confident in social situations.


Improved Sleep Patterns

Insomnia and other sleep issues can be prevented by adding reading to a bedtime ritual. Reading is a better way to induce sleep than falling asleep in front of the television or another electronic device. A senior home care professional can help an elder select a variety of books that will put him or her in a good mood before bed.


Older adults can find interesting yet affordable books at garage sales, discount book stores, and libraries. If you believe your senior could benefit from regular exposure to good books, a senior home care aide can introduce reading into your elder’s life.


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