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Home Health Care Aides Share 3 Medication Safety Tips for Seniors

Aug 1, 2016 by Comfort Keepers

Senior citizens who take multiple medications to treat a variety of symptoms and conditions are prone to dangerous drug interactions. Therefore, proper medication management should not be overlooked.  

A home health care aide can educate your aging loved one on how to take his or her medications correctly to avoid potential health hazards down the road. Here are a few medication management tips that are useful any elder taking a number of different medications:

  1. Create a List

Senior citizens must keep a current list of all of the medications they are taking. The list should include the times each medication is taken and the reason for the drug. Supplements and over-the-counter drugs should be included as well so that a medical provider can easily identify interactions and alter medications as necessary. Home health care assistants encourage older adults to bring this list of medications with them to every doctor and pharmacy visit.

2. Ask Doctors and Pharmacists Questions

Doctors and pharmacists serve as excellent resources for any medication related questions or concerns. They can inform your aging loved one on how to take each medication properly, what side effects to expect, where it should be stored, and more.

3. Reduce Number of Providers Used

Minimizing the number of pharmacists and doctors an elder sees makes things easier for both the senior and the providers. Home health care professionals explain that coordinating care is far simpler when there are less individuals involved. Sticking to one pharmacy will also help seniors reduce the risk of adverse drug interactions.

Dangerous drug interactions may occur when a certain food or drink reacts with a drug, a drug affects the way another one works, a medical condition makes a specific drug potentially harmful, or a medicine has a toxic interaction with an alcoholic beverage. By following these tips and utilizing the support of a home health care aide, your elder can avoid them.

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