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Preventing Hospitalization With Home Healthcare

Jun 24, 2016 by Comfort Keepers

Each and every one of us wants what is best for our senior loved ones when they are placed under the watchful eye of home healthcare professionals. Hospitalization in senior years can be both extremely costly and very traumatizing for the elderly. Aside from that, every unnecessary stay at the hospital brings further risk to your parent or grandparent. Since seniors have weaker immune systems than younger people, they are more likely to catch a virus or contract a more serious disease within a hospital environment just from one visit alone.

For this reason, making sure that your elderly loved one is healthy and vital enough to avoid hospitalization is the ultimate goal of home healthcare. To achieve this, certain preventative measures have to be taken, as professionals will always do their best to keep seniors out of the hospital. The first step would be to make sure your elderly loved one is enjoying a nutritious, balanced diet and that they are engaging in enough physical and mental exercises to keep them active and in shape.

Home healthcare professionals must ensure that your elderly loved one is taking their prescribed medication on time. They will also keep in touch with their doctor and take them to scheduled appointments at the doctor’s office if needed. It is also very important to improve the safety conditions of your senior loved one’s living space by fall-proofing their home, which includes installing grab bars and handrails around the house, especially around the stairs and in the bathroom. Falls are one of the main reasons for hospitalization in seniors to begin with.

Home healthcare will be there for your senior loved one every step of the way, making sure they are healthy and active and that all of their needs are met, providing the best possible service and keeping your parent or grandparent out of the hospital as long as possible. 

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