Comfort Keepers Senior Home Care Services of Spring Lake, MI Recommend Personal Emergency Response Products

Learn more about the products recommended for your loved one from Comfort Keepers Senior Home Care Services of Spring Lake, MI

When it comes to being prepared for an emergency, there are no other senior home care service systems that are as convenient and as cost efficient as medical alert systems. Many seniors live alone, so making sure that they have a way to call for help if and when a situation does occur is key in providing peace of mind to them and their families. Just knowing that they have a way to contact someone for help in the case of a fall or other dire situation can help increase their confidence as they perform necessary daily activities that force them to move about their house and property. Many families put caregiving into their own hands, and in these situations, it's best to be at ease with your senior loved ones situation. By utilizing a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) from SafetyChoice, your loved one will receive help and assistance whenever they need it. 

These senior home care service systems consist of a medical alert console and wearable items such as a medical alert bracelet or necklace. There are many different options available that fit your loved ones needs 

Medical alert consoles are convenient and small. They connect to the console by Safety Choice which is centralized through a home phone line. Internet is not needed for these devices to function and they allow for medical monitoring to be done 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Once the system is activated with the push of a button, it becomes a hands free speakerphone, allowing your senior loved one to quickly get into contact with emergency services. The console does not need to be around the console or phone in order to call for help. The personnel who are monitoring the station will then be able to hear and assess the situation, and then send help right away. These senior home care service personnel will stay in contact with your senior loved one to ensure that they are not alone and that emergency help arrives quickly.

The great thing about medical alert necklaces is that they can be worn during the night. They are very light and only have one large button and a battery. However, if your loved one does not like the necklace, they can wear a bracelet instead.

If your loved one is involved in an emergency, they only need to push the button and an instant two-way conversation will begin with our monitoring station staff. There is no knowing when an accident or fall will happen, so quick response is critical which is why a medical alert system could easily save your loved ones life. 

For more information, please contact Comfort Keepers senior home care services of Spring Lake, MI. We are happy to help and are available for you and your senior loved one! 

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