Comfort Keepers In Home Caregivers of Spring Lake, MI Recommend Home Monitoring Systems

In Home Caregivers of Spring Lake, MI: Comfort Keepers recommend your senior loved one utilizes a home monitoring system if they are living independently at home 

While Comfort Keepers of Spring Lake, MI are very well known as being expert in home caregivers, our staff is also very well knowledgeable in home monitoring systems. We utilize these systems with our clients so that they are able to experience peace of mind when they are spending time alone. The safety and security of our senior clients is a top priority to our Comfort Keepers. Home monitoring systems can include many different parts, but generally include door and window sednsors, bedside pressure mats and motion detectors, and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. These systems, when combined with some of our Personal Emergency Response Systems, can help you and your loved one attain additional peace and security at home. Just knowing that your loved one is well cared for and guarded when you are unable to be there is incredibly relieving. 

For seniors that have been diagnosed as having Alzheimer's or Dementia, some of our door and window alarm sensors may be an excellent choice to help keep them safe. When a door or window is opened, the sensors send signals to the SafetyChoice Centralized Monitoring Station. After an emergency notification, the SafetyChoice personnel will alert the individuals that have been put on the emergency responder list. Whenever family memebers or care providers at home, the sensors can be turned off. 

For additional measures that can be taken to ensure your loved one's protection, Comfort Keepers in home caregivers of Edmond, OK can recommend bedside pressure mats and brands of motion detectors that help identify when pressure is applied to these devices. These mats can be placed in critical areas of the home, or wherever you think they would be most useful. When pressure is applied to these mats,they will trigger the home monitoring station and the home monitoring station will alert dispatch personnel. We also recommend infrared motion detectors as an additional safety measure that can further ensure that your loved one is kept safe and sound. These sensors are usually installed in a central area of the house and can be easily turned off when they are not needed. 

Smoke and carbon monoxide are also potential hazards in your senior loved one's home. Detectors that identify both smoke and carbon monoxide can help save your loved one from a dire situation in the home. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that has no odor, so in event of a fire or leak, the alarm will sound and signal the monitoring station to dispatch the local fire department. The detectors also sound in the home and alert those inside so they can leave the residence. 

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact our in home caregivers of Spring Lake, MI. They will assess your loved one's needs and come up with an effective plan. 

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