Comfort Keepers Personal Care Services in Spring Lake, MI: Breast Cancer: What You Need to Know about Prevention

Senior support services experts give you and your loved one expert advice regarding breast cancer prevention in Spring Lake, MI

Comfort Keepers Personal Care Services points out that as of 2017, it is estimated that there are more than three million breast cancer survivors in the USA. According to the American Cancer Society, there has been a steady decline in breast cancer deaths since the late eighties, with tireless efforts to raise awareness about breast cancer and educate people on the importance of regular screening. Nonetheless, breast cancer is still the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in women. Sadly, older women are at higher risk of developing breast cancer, especially if they have a history of cancer running in the family, frequently consume alcohol or underwent radiation therapy of the chest region. 

Comfort Keepers Senior Support Services would like to use this opportunity to address some of the key issues related to breast cancer, including screening methods, prevention, and treatment, helping you and your senior mom gain a thorough understanding of this serious disease. 

Regular self-examination is one of the best ways to detect breast cancer early on. Your senior mom should frequently inspect her breasts for any sign of tissue change such as unusual lumps or masses and stay watchful for other symptoms such as sore breasts, swelling, irritated skin, or nipple discharge. 

Besides self-examination, Comfort Keepers Personal Care Services recommends regular screening tests conducted by experts. The mammogram is one of the most common ways to detect malignant tumors through low-level x rays. Though there has been some controversy about mammogram screening for older women due to limited life expectancy, each woman should decide for herself whether to have this screening method performed. Consulting with a doctor can help your loved one decide. 

A medical professional can also distribute additional leaflets, literature, and other resources on breast cancer, providing your senior mom with a deeper insight on the symptoms, causes, and available treatment options. Usually, the most effective treatments for breast cancer and other malignant tumors include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and hormonal therapy. When cancer is diagnosed, it is up to the doctor to recommend the preferred treatment option, depending on patient’s age, health, and stage of disease. 

How Comfort Keepers Senior Support Services Can Help 

Comfort Keepers Personal Care Services offers quality care solutions for older adults with different care needs. With our help, seniors can improve their quality of life and enjoy prolonged independence throughout their golden years. If you would like to learn more about the wide array of services we provide, please call our local office today. We are here to help! 


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