Comfort Keepers Senior Home Care Solutions in Spring Lake, MI: Fire Prevention in The Home: How to Minimize Fire Hazards

Senior Home Care Solutions are available to the adults and seniors of Spring Lake MI - and our experts offer the following advice for minimizing the risk of fire within the home! 

The senior population is at a higher risk of home fire-related accidents than any other age group. This is because our senses and mobility decline as we age. To make matters worse, many seniors live alone or struggle with chronic conditions and ailments that can diminish their ability to respond quickly in case of an accident or emergency.

Comfort Keepers Senior Home Care Solutions would like to use this opportunity to educate older adults and their family caregivers about the importance of fire safety and prevention. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common fire hazards in the home and what your loved one can do to minimize the risk of fire:

  • Kitchen fires – These are often the main cause of house accidents. If your senior mom or dad prepares their meals independently, remind them never to leave the oven or stove unattended and keep all flammable objects and materials away from the heat source, as well as avoid wearing loose clothes that can easily catch fire.
  • Smoking – Senior smokers might want to consider introducing certain changes to their smoking routine in order to enhance home safety. They can opt for smoking outside on a porch or balcony, only use big, non-tip ashtrays to prevent cigarettes falling out on furniture or the floor, and never smoke in bed.
  • Electricity – Very often, faulty or damaged cables and overloaded power outlets cause short circuits that can ignite a house fire. To minimize potential fire hazards, Comfort Keepers Senior Home Care Solutions suggest that you have an electrician replace old wiring and sockets and thoroughly inspect your loved ones home every couple of months. You can also remind your parent to keep their devices and appliances turned off when they are not in use.

Additional Ways to Enhance Fire Safety

When it comes down to reducing fire hazards in the home, one can never be too careful. Comfort Keepers Senior Home Care Solutions strongly recommend that you develop a fire escape plan and rehearse it together with your senior mom or dad. This way, they will be prepared and know exactly what to do in case of any emergency. In addition to this, make sure that all the doors and windows in your loved one’s home can be easily opened.

Another excellent idea is to install smoke detectors in every room in the house and make sure they are well maintained. For your additional peace of mind, you can encourage your parent to keep an ABC fire extinguisher in the house.

If you are concerned about your senior mom or dad’s safety, Comfort Keepers Senior Home Care Solutions can help. Our friendly client care coordinators can perform a home safety assessment in your loved one’s home and provide additional information about fire safety. We are more than happy to help!

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