Caregivers Recommend that Seniors Eat with Friends or Loved Ones

It is common for seniors to go hungry simply because they don't want to prepare a meal for one or eat alone. In fact, many seniors have reported that they feel the most lonely when eating alone due to the lack of conversation with another person. In order to prevent malnourishment in your loved one, our caregivers will ensure that he or she has company while eating.

Why Eating with Caregivers Helps

People are actually more likely to eat much healthier when eating together, providing the body with proper nourishment needed to stay healthy. When eating alone, seniors are more likely to be malnourished, especially if they have had a companion in the past with whom they spoke to during meals.

Positive Effects of Eating Together

Eating with other people, regardless of whether it’s one person, a caregiver, or an entire group of people, can have positive effects on mental and physical health. Other positive effects of eating with another person include:

  • Eating healthier: Seniors are more likely to choose healthy foods and eat home cooked meals when eating with someone else.

  • Decreased symptoms of depression: Eating alone can cause depression in seniors, and eating with someone else can prevent this.

  • Great conversation: This prevents seniors from experiencing feelings of loneliness and improves their overall mood and outlook on life.

  • Reduced risk of weight loss or malnourishment: Seniors are more likely to eat when others are around, rather than skipping meals entirely.

Worried Your Loved One Is Eating Alone?

Let Comfort Keepers caregivers in Spring Lake, MI lend a hand if you are worried about your loved one eating alone. Our in home care provides your loved one with the chance to eat with a companion and have a prepared meal. This will ensure that your loved one is eating healthy and isn’t skipping meals to avoid the feeling of loneliness.

If you think that your loved one is negatively affected by eating alone or you are just concerned that they frequently eat alone, contact your Comfort Keepers caregivers today.



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