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 Senior Home Care: Aerobic Exercises

While exercise is important for those of all ages in senior home care, older adults will find that actively exercising is a challenge. A good solution for many seniors is to start doing aerobic exercises, which can boost daily activity levels and raise heart rate.

There are four categories of aerobic exercise: endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance. By developing a daily regimen and switching up the area, your loved one can decrease the risk of injury while exercising the whole body. Before beginning any exercise regimen, your loved one should ask his or her doctor.

  • Walking:
    One of the easiest aerobic exercises to do is walking. Not only is it easy on joints, but it also improves heart health. After walking, it is important to make sure your loved one stretches. This can prevent soreness and future injury.
  • Water Aerobics:
    Mainly for strength, water aerobics has positive effects on cardiovascular health as well. The properties of water build strength and relieve pain caused by exercise.
  • Yoga:
    Yoga combines elements of all four categories. It improves blood pressure, bone strength, and weight maintenance. Yoga can be done individually or in a class setting.  
  • Tai Chi:
    More of a meditation, Tai Chi helps with flexibility and balance. It’s a favorite of seniors because of the slow movements required. This makes it easy on joints and helps with pain in the knee, ankle, or hip pain.

Let Comfort Keepers® Help

Comfort Keepers® in Muskegon, MI can provide senior home caregivers that will help your loved one develop an exercise regimen and healthier lifestyle. Regardless of whether it’s walking with your loved one or taking him or her to the gym, our caregivers will be there to improve your loved one’s fitness. They will do whatever is necessary to promote a healthy and active lifestyle for your loved one.

If you want to learn more about how senior home caregivers can help with your loved one’s daily regimen or our services in general, give us a call at (616) 425-8667 or go to our website www.springlake-136.comfortkeepers.com.

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